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Welcome You'll find here some navigation tips to use every possibilities of your E-Mag.


On tablet, horizontal swipe to change between articles. Contents are following magazine logical order.

Vertical swipe to scroll text (right column) and side contents (left column): photos, movies, slideshows and boxed texts.

Turn your tablet vertically
to make the most of texts.

On a computer, drag & drop with your mouse to change between articles. Contents are following magazine logical order.

Action icons

Each interactive area is handled with an action icon. These buttons are made for accessing different kinds of content and external links…

1. Video
2. General aside
3. Sound
4. Quote
5. Key figures
6. Diaporama
7. External link
8. Share
9. Comment

Main menu bar

You can easily access main topics and articles from the main menu bar. If you are looking from a precise content, you should use the search tool or the article roll.

1. Search
To search a content, click on the magnifying glass and type your keywords, then click again on the magnifying glass to submit your query.

2. Display article roll
With the article roll you can easily browse every articles and topic in current issue.

3. Access issue summary
You can quickly access articles using the interactive summary.



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